Advice from an 8 year old

The other morning I was telling my 8 year old about an event that was happening that day and how it made me feel excited as well as a little scared. He turned to me and said well Mum that means you are having a Gappy day today. When pressed for more information he happily explained that a Gappy day is when the types of feelings you are experiencing have a big gap between, like there is quite a big gap between the feeling of being excited about doing something when that same thing scares you.

I loved the way he approached what I had said, and to be honest it helped make a little more sense of what I was feeling. This led us on to having the discussion about fear being good for us. Even better for us is embracing fear and just doing it. Without facing our fear we have no personal growth, facing what we fear to do helps build up our courage blocks. Each block contains more momentum than the previous one. As we add to our courage blocks the more we can achieve, the braver we get at turning the word ‘try’ into ‘doing’, ‘can’t’ into ‘can’ and ‘procrastination’ into ‘action’.

So the next time you have mixed emotions about an activity ahead of you tell yourself it’s okay you’re having a Gappy day.

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