Terrorists knocking at your door?


We all have them, bad days, sometimes even bad weeks or worse still bad months. Ever felt like everything is going wrong? I know I have. It seems that if we embrace things when they start to go wrong the law of attraction applies and more things go wrong. Well at least that is our perception. I use perception as it’s about our state of mind. When we are focused on an event in our life, whether positive or negative, then we will associate other happenings to that event. For example I have no doubt you have experienced a relationship break up before and for the weeks that follow no matter what radio station you turn on there is either songs about love or songs about having a broken heart. Conversely when we start a new relationship all the romantic ballads booming from the radio waves seem written just for us.


This happens because when our minds are focused intensely on something it becomes what we attract. If we think we will get bad luck from opening an umbrella inside or a black cat crossing our path then that will indeed happen. I’m not saying I believe in hocus pocus what I am saying is our mind is one of the most powerful untapped tools in the world. In fact it could also be classed as a weapon of mass destruction! Yes that’s right you have your own inner terrorist working on ensuring you take the wrong turn, meet the wrong type of person, never achieve your goals. There are now global laws about terrorists, armies set up to fight them, but before you duck for cover don’t worry it’s not you they are after. However, I am looking to rid you of your inner terrorist – I know that what we believe will happen will come to be. I also know no matter how tough things are with the right support you can turn things around and make sure your life oozes positive outcomes.


Challenges in life can sometimes stop us from being able to see a way out, this doesn’t mean we have limited capacity or are less intelligent or successful than others. For any of us who have realised that getting help and support from others who we resonate with, who share a similar backstory, have survived similar challenges and discovered strategies to successfully leap the hurdles life places in front of us we are living proof of the value this relationship brings. Are you struggling with moving forward, have to many blocks in your way, can’t figure out what the next steps are as you’re facing a to do list that wraps around the world? If you are get in touch, mention this blog and your first coaching session is free, then it’s up to you, if you are focused on making change happen in your life and want to work with someone who can help you make that happen you will no doubt take up one of my coaching packages.


3 thoughts on “Terrorists knocking at your door?

  • I don’t typically comment on posts, but as a long
    time reader I thought I’d drop in and wish you all the best during these troubling times.

    From all of us at Royal CBD, I hope you stay well with
    the COVID19 pandemic progressing at an alarming rate.

    Justin Hamilton
    Royal CBD

    • dalicerose

      Hi Justin. Thanks for dropping in and adding a comment. It’s great to hear from you. We are keeping safe and well through these interesting times. I hope you are too.

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