Not sleeping well? Here are 7 steps to a better sleep.

How small changes make profound effects
Second part in Dalice Rose’s new series “How small changes make profound effects” We live is such a fast paced world, where most of us bring work home with us as we have work cell phones which, unless we are extremely well disciplined, means the lines are blurred for when our work day starts and finishes.  Then on top of that we live life through electronic mediums, feeling the urge to pick up and check our smartphones on average 150 times a day!  If you want to know how many times you check your there is a app called Realizd that will let you know. Most of us are balancing being parents/fulltime carers of children or other relatives, working full-time, being a wife/husband/partner, family and friends that we don’t even…
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4 proven ways to find a happy balance with life and technology

How small changes make profound effects, Overcoming obstacles
Part of Dalice Rose’s new series “How small changes make profound effects” A few months ago I attended an unconference (yes I spelt that right) with 100+ other women (WWGSD). One of the subjects discussed throughout the weekend was around finding a balance with technology. Like with so many other things in life there are many differing views on the subject.  That in itself can be overwhelming. If like me your business is connected to multiple social media sites and/or your have children you are searching for guidance on the art of balance. My businesses are all online, almost all of my customers I meet using digital technology which brings us face to face, allowing me to broaden my client base and for my clients to have a greater choice…
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