My back story

Growing up we moved a lot, I attended 2 primary, intermediate and secondary schools in different towns. This meant walking away from friendships and learning to make new ones a number of times over. We didn’t have social media to stay in touch it was making toll calls (which parents normally frowned upon) or writing letters! Suffice to say it was easy to loose touch. What moving did do was build my resilience levels and allow me to fine turn starting afresh.

My first career was as a Dental Assistant. This job came to me, in that I was on a work based training programme for 4 weeks, at the end of which I was offered a permanent job. I went on to get qualified and enjoyed (for the most part) working in the industry for 4 years. Working for Dentists is not always the most rewarding of jobs, they can be arrogant and highly stressed as such you need to have great fortitude to make the best of it. I had the fortitude, and it was okay money, what I didn’t have was the ability to see myself doing this the rest of my adult life so I decided to take a leap of faith knowing I deserved a happier future that the one I had. I resigned. My parents were stunned, I didn’t have another job to go to, I had left an okay paid secure career, what was I thinking! I was thinking I could do better, I started hiring myself out as a temp dental assistant to fill in when staff were sick or on holiday, that gave me 12 months well paid work until I found my next career.

This was when I started my corporate banking career, one which would stretch for 20 years, yes two decades. It introduced me to change management, something my earlier upbringing had well prepared me for. It was a place where I felt challenged, happy and fulfilled. I loved applying my inquisitive nature into solving problems, working through solutions, learning about new processes and systems and working with an amazing group of people. It filled my heart with joy and sucked me out of the sheets in the morning.

So why am I not still doing the thing that I was so passionate about? Because at some point I lost my mojo. Not for change management but for the corporate world I worked in. Exactly when that happened, the precise point, I’m not sure. It was more progressive. It wasn’t that my role wasn’t challenging – I held a senior management position, regarded as a ‘guru’ by my peers, called on to sort things when it went pear shaped, referred to for guidance, relied on to create the best solutions and led a fantastic highly skilled team of women. But something was missing, I felt disenfranchised. I remember mentioning that to a counselor a few years before I left and she surprised me by telling me I should leave. I wasn’t expecting to get that advice and wasn’t ready to believe leaving was the solution. After all hadn’t I found a place where I was respected, provided me challenge, gave me financial freedom and was admired by family and friends?

Perhaps the tide turned when I became a mother, perhaps what I valued in life became more pronounced when our first child was still born? Perhaps as I got older I wanted more form my life? Perhaps what I was getting back in return simply was no longer enough to keep my happiness bucket full? Over the next few years I used a number of strategies, courses, mentors even promotion to help me focus on what drives me, to refine the tools to dig deep and expose my raw core. It gave me the realisation that my values were out of alignment and while they stayed that way I was never going to feel the happiness I once took for granted.

So I resigned again, this time my husband resigned from him senior management position as well! We sold our palatial home, put all our belongings in storage and lived in our motor-home travelling the country with our two gorgeous boys for a month. We ended up in Tauranga, when we got to fulfill a dream we had both shared for many years, owning a lifestyle property. We now are working on our 5 year plan to make our little 2 ha farmlet financially self sustaining. Our boys attend a small, very supportive, country school, we have made some great friends in the community and I am a trustee of the school Board.

The next piece of the puzzle was to build up my coaching & mentoring business. This brings us to here, now. I can help you navigate change in your personal and business life, assist you in finding the answers you seek, providing strategies to achieve your goals and helping you discover breakthroughs which transform the way you live your life.