Toilet seat down or up, what does your preference say about you?

It’s funny how some questions can generate more emotional responses than others.  There are three camps when it comes to whether the toilet seat should be left up or put down.  If you live in a household full of either females or males then this question probably doesn’t even come up in your home.  For those that live in mixed households I have no doubt it has come up and in some cases many times and with some of those being heated exchanges.

So let’s explore the options (disclaimer the following is 100% authors personal views):

Camp 1: Toilet seat down – this is normally an expectation demanded (yes I’m purposefully using a strong word) by the matriarch of the house.  This is the person who thinks it is their right to expect the toilet seat to be down each time they go the loo, so that 1) they don’t get a cold tush when rushing to go and end up sitting on the porcelain base; 2) they don’t inadvertently fall into the loo and get wet – please note for this to in fact be a real risk it would require quite a small bottom; 3) they don’t have to touch the toilet seat which is covered in germs.

Conversely what they are ‘saying’ if not verbally but by expectation is 1) it’s okay for the man/men of the house to have to touch the germ covered toilet seat; 2) their rights are of more importance than his; 3) that blokes don’t have an issue with having to put the seat up and then down again, even if they did again point 2 would out rank any complaints they may have.

Camp 2: Toilet seat up – this is normally an expectation demanded of the male boss of the house.  To be honest I personally have not meet one of these or even heard of this scenario but for completeness I am adding it as I can imagine it may exist in a house or two somewhere around the globe.  It is essentially the opposite of the toilet seat down scenario but led arrogantly from a males perspective.  In this scenario they are saying their rights are more important, in this case than a female/s and probably are also saying they expect it to be the duty of a woman to have to touch the toilet seat, after all she is the one who cleans them!

Camp 3: Toilet seat up or down – this is the harmonious household, one where all the inhabitants no matter gender, believe that it is only fair that everyone has to touch the toilet seat.  If she goes the toilet the seat is left down, if he goes the seat is left up.  No arguments no debates, no getting cross or having unnecessary conversations trying to rationalise why your rights are more important than someone else’s.

These are the people who have realised there is more fun to be had than to hassle each other about something that only adds to the stress of living.

As women we talk a lot about equal rights, more than talk we have fought it successfully over the decades, and although there is still room for improvement I have to wonder if we as women need to face ourselves in the mirror and really listen to how we think? Although I will add so do the men who fall into Camp 2!  If you haven’t guessed already, I fall into the 3rd camp, much to some of my female friends chagrin I advocate that as a women I have no right to expect a man to place the seat down for me.  This should not be confused with appreciating it when they choose to.  The key difference, if not already spotted by the astute reader, is it was their choice, one they voluntarily elected to make.  So my question I will leave you all with is which camp do you fall into and does this blog inspire you to change camps?

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