Dalice Rose

Confidence Coach, Change Catalyst & Mentor 

Helping you build your confidence

turn your steps into leaps

& transform your life .


I thought I knew myself so well until I met Dalice! She gracefully took me on a massive internal journey. Her professional and delicate coaching style allowed me to draw out my inner deep thoughts, creating a self awareness and healing I seriously needed and appreciate to this day. I would recommend Dalice to anyone, you will meet her and feel like you have known her for years. She is one in a million xx
Maria Karaka
Business Owner
I would like to say how much I appreciate your management style. You are incisive, analytical, and always looking at how things work and what could be done differently or better. You listen. I think you have fantastic communication skills, a great sense of humour and you have been a breath of fresh air. You’re a mover and shaker which is something that we needed – big time. You get things done without getting bogged down by the inertia that is often part of a big organisation. I’m impressed by how quickly you have learnt about our processes and systems and are always analysing how they can be improved.
Chris Coppersmith
Administration Master